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2 Minggu yg memenatkan

Good Weekend
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hey guys..it good when i can write in my blog again..i miss my blog so much..
after school break was over, our life seem so busier..hehhe.more busy..
but fun2 thing around me..
ofcourse sad thing too..
my phone broke down..i was so uncomfortable..dah la tgh kering duwet koz after holday aritu..shoping sakan..
i almost in tear, dah la mase tue tgh sms dgn sayg..tetbe je terpadam.kelam kabut..dibuatnye...i asking for my father help, my sister,but they say no..arghhh
bertambh tension lg so..i drive my scooter n meet with handpne shop owner,,.luckily..we such good friend,..itupun koz aku selalu g topup kedai die..

i begging him like this.

me = uncle plez help me uncle..
uncle = what wrong??
me= take alook at my phone.. it dead olready..
uncle = what can i do??
me= plez save it..hehheeh..
uncle = maybe batery kong
me= no lah, caj tapi xmasuk..
uncle= bagila masuk......hahahha
me= uncle!!
uncle= batry baru rm 20..
me= hah?? i dont have money rite now..
uncle = okey then..take it first..bile2 bayar.
me = yeahhh...thank ..thank..thank uncle.....
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