I was not quite a fan of Chinese movies except for Stephen Chow's. Nevertheless, last NIGHT ONE Chinese movies caught my eyes: I'm Not Stupid TOO.

I'm Not Stupid Too is a Singaporean movie, sequel to I'm Not Stupid. This movie really touched my heart because it talks about family deliquencies where children felt neglected by their busy parents. It is sad to say that most of the things portrayed in the movie, though in our neighbour country Singapore, is really happening in today's world. It is basically about 3 boys, Tom & Jerry and Chengcai. Tom & Jerry are brothers who parents are busy businessperson who have no time for their children. Tom have a talent at blogging though his parent dissapprove it as 'a waste of time'. Jerry on the other hand is trying to get his parents to go to his school concert where his playing the lead role. Chengcai's problem pulak is with his single father who always beats him and he grew up a man much like his dad. He got involved with all sort of disciplinary problem and eventually got kicked out of school because he fought with a teacher. The story doesn't stop there and it eventually ended in a happy ending.

What bothers me though is why can't we Malaysians make a movie like this. It is very much a simple story about the reality with little special effects and a very good storyline. We Malaysian do it the other way around, we have a lot of special effects, but our story is weak. Isn't it? Where did we go wrong here?

Well, what I learnt through this movies is that we should never judge a movie by its genre, or the languagee. Yes, yes.. that sounds a little bit cliché isn't it? But there it is.. we often take those things for granted isn't it?
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saddy me!

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sedih gile la..hurmmm..tension
semalam my mom g camping, aku n eja..kemas umh..
kemas sgt2..sampai my dad pun mcm happy jer
it not mean yg selama ini umah kami selerak but..
semlam kemas dr biasa..

pastu km tggu mom balik..
yg sedihnya ..xpelah..
selerak terus umah dgn brg camp..

mcm x berbaloi je..
pujian pun xde, ape pun xdapt memang la kite wat dgn iklas but sometimes kite perlukan pujian untuk make ourself proud an d better rite..

xpela..aku le tahn lg..so aku yg ngantuk ni terlelap la..
ingatkan le tdo umah, malgnye kena tido umah atok..

tp best gak la..koz eja ikut ..kalau x mati ktu la aku..hehhe
bila malam it raining heavily..sejuk siot..

i told u, kalau tido umah atok..n hujan lak..sure xpayh pasng kipas koz sejuk ya amat..kalah air con..
maybe sebab atok rajin tanam pokok...

aku buka tb n layan cerita tb3(a haunted mansion)
citer dia agak boring gak..so try la serve citer lain...so aku tertarik dgn cerita tb7(im not stupid) aku rase parent aku kena tgk cerita ni...

oklah untuk menambh kesedhna n kegeraman ku ni..
papa le tertido n bila aku kol sampai aku rase berbelas2 miskol..
aku wat tp die tetap xangkat...arghhhhhhhhhhhhhh geram..
sooo aku merajuk la..sampai esok pg die kol n cakap..( sorry ma, xdengar, anset dok bawh katil, terjatuh)
gimane tu??
memula aku nak membebel tp pikir2 balik..im not to childish to behave like that..
so aku forgave him..sooo happy Pictures, Images and Photos

kang aku bg sinopsis kedua2 cerita ini k....chioaw ^_^
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